Monday, September 10, 2012

"Purple Blessed" - A Poem

Purple Blessed 
by Shelly P. Harrell  
(Written at the beach in Santa Monica, CA on the occasion of my 50th birthday...because purple always reminds me of the beauty in the world, lifts me up, and connects me to my essence.)

I am blessed...Purple Blessed.
Blessed everyday and blessed everywhere.
Blessed in the darkness and blessed through the storm.
Blessed to be lost and blessed to be found.
Blessed by the rays of the sun, the blue of the sky, and the freshness of the breeze.
Ocean blessed.
Infinitely and forever blessed.
Blessed in my aloneness and blessed through connection.
Blessed by everyone whose path has crossed mine.
Blessed by love.
Blessed by change.
Blessed through my tears and my grieving.
Blessed in sweet surrender.
Blessed through the Holy Spirit. Blessed by miracles.
Blessed by forgiveness and hope.
Blessed with strength and passion.
Blessed by joy and laughter.
All are blessings. Blessings then. Blessings now. Blessings always.
Yes, I am blessed...beautifully, soulfully, peacefully, divinely Purple Blessed.

Copyright 2011. Shelly P. Harrell. All rights reserved. Photo from Swami Stream on flickr (Creative Commons)